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Digital Transformation

#143 Fast Times with Arun Arora

About Our Guest

Arun Arora joins Digital Mindfulness to discuss the insights from his new book Fast Times: How Digital Winners Set Direction, Learn and Adapt. As a partner at McKinsey & Company, with over 25 years of experience in the technology industry, Arun is well placed to understand the impact of technological progress on humanity. In this interview, Arun discusses why a focus on people and not only data will lead to the most successful companies. It is with this focus on people and enhancing their skills so they are able to work in concert with advanced emerging technologies, and not be superseded by them, that will lead to prosperity in the 2020s.

Highlights in the show

  • The importance of continual learning in the enterprise and upskilling employees
  • Why the impact of technology on humanity was clear 25 years ago
  • Why AI will enhance the importance of people within organisations, not diminish it

Resources Mentioned

Arun Arora & Digital Mindfulness

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