fixing facebook
15th February 2018

Fixing Facebook

“Facebook has a lot of work to do -- whether it’s protecting our community from…
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Health & Wellness
2nd January 2018

#94 Holistrio with Andrew Johnson & Michael Schneider

In this episode of the Digital Mindfulness podcast, Andrew Johnson and Michael Schneider, co-founders of…
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Behaviour Change
21st December 2017

#93 Getting Unstuck with Nancy Hawley

About the episode: In this episode, Nancy Hawley, Vice President and General Manager of Unstuck…
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Behaviour Change
18th December 2017

#92 Overcoming Startup Burnout with Bjorn Lee

About this episode Entrepreneur and founder of the new meditation app, MindFi, Bjorn Lee, talks…
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Behaviour Change
9th December 2017

#91 Meditation Studio with Patricia Karpas

About the Episode In this episode, Patricia Karpas, currently the co-founder of Meditation Studio, talks…
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Artificial Intelligence
17th November 2017

#90 Emotional Machines with Yuval Mor

About this episode Have you ever been frustrated when talking with an automated customer service…
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