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Scott Riley Podcast Digital MindfulnessDesign
4th December 2019

Podcast #136: Mindful Design with Scott Riley

Our guest in this episode is Scott Riley. Scott is a designer, speaker and author of the new book Mindful Design in which he discusses how designers can take inspiration…
Intelligent Space & Digital ResponsibilityDesignDigital Transformation
11th November 2019

Intelligent Space & Digital Responsibility

General awareness of the aphorism of the closeness of technology (the high attention cost demanded by digital experiences) has reached a high watermark in the past 12 months, with government…
How Digital Detoxing Became The Solution to Digital OverloadDigital Wellness
4th November 2019

How Digital Detoxing Became The Solution to Digital Overload

In many ways, the natural social response to strong feelings of technology oversaturation is to demand experiences that create an opposite feeling, to create spaces where technology is neither required…

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