About Digital Mindfulness

Digital Mindfulness is an independent and impartial hub connecting you with best global digital wellbeing brands to bring you closer to the technologies that enhance the quality of your life.

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Founded in 2014, we are an independent and impartial hub dedicated to the advancement of global digital wellbeing. Our mission is to increase awareness of the companies, designers, thought-leaders and technologies working to improve human health and wellbeing. 

Through a combination of events, data analysis & visualisation, and research, we connect wellness technology brands with the world to make it easier for you to find the technologies that actively support your health and wellbeing.

What We Do

At Digital Mindfulness, we have over 130 hours of insights from leading thinkers and companies in the wellness tech space. The Digital Mindfulness podcast features speakers from the likes of The Center for Humane Technology, Stanford University, the BBC, The Guardian, Oxford University, and more.

We partner with global brands to make their technologies accessible through apps, books, events, online courses and more.

As digital wellbeing is such a key component of digital transformation, our strategic advisory and analysis help companies innovate in a range of areas such as Customer Experience, Education, Employee Experience, Health & Fitness, and Financial Services.

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