About Digital Mindfulness

Digital Mindfulness is an independent and impartial organisation for the advancement of digital wellbeing

The fourth industrial revolution is here and digital experiences are more central to humanity than they ever have been, and the quality of these interactions have a profound impact on humanity and society. In addition, innovations in current and emerging technologies have the potential to greatly assist people in their general health and wellbeing while alleviating the predicted increase global healthcare costs.

The most successful companies in the world recognise the importance of human and social wellbeing to successful and lasting digital products, and this intersection will shape the course of global digital transformation for years to come, as poor experiences that employ tactics such as dark patterns, algorithmic bias, and the maximisation of clicks come to an end. Meaningful experiences that support digital wellbeing and human thriving are, in the eyes of users, of higher quality and will underpin the way they connect with each other and with businesses.

Founded in 2013, Digital Mindfulness is an organisation for the advancement of digital wellbeing. Through a combination of international events, analysis, and strategic advisory, we work to support organisations and individuals develop digital experiences that actively support your global digital wellbeing.

Our Work

At Digital Mindfulness, our work focuses on driving business strategy and cross-industry collaboration to expand innovation in this strategic area of digital experience. Our work is used for:


Hosting events around the world, Digital Mindfulness brings together internationally renowned speakers and scholars to share business practices and insights

Digital Services & Strategy

Digital Mindfulness experts provide members with strategic support to inform key decisions and ensure the successful deployment of digital wellbeing programs.


Digital Mindfulness publishes reports ranging from industry-focused indices to insight reports. Members have access to the entire archive of research reports.