About Digital Mindfulness

We are committed to facilitating innovation around time well spent digitised experiences

Our Mission

We support the growing community of developers, businesses, individuals, and thought leaders to facilitate innovation in time well spent experiences.

Why Our Work Matters

Our increasingly digitized environments focus on getting people to spend increasing amounts of time with our devices, with negative impacts on our psychological well-being, relationships, and productivity. Digital Mindfulness supports digital creators and consumers in finding better time well spent experiences

What Is Digital Mindfulness

Digital Mindfulness is a platform for the development of next-generation approaches to digital transformation that elegantly blend digital development with unique human needs and qualities

Supporting the global digital community.

Digital Mindfulness specialises in facilitating innovation in time well spent digitised experiences. Through our content, events and community, we facilitate the creation of time well spent digitised experiences for the benefit of businesses and people around the world.

As technology continues to integrate more deeply into our lives, we ask more profound questions about its impact on people and global society.
Based in the heart of London, UK, we share our ideas with millions of digital professionals around the world. Through these products, Digital Mindfulness facilitates the meetings and ideas where the foremost people and companies in the world can find industry-leading time well spent solutions.