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Digital Wellness

Podcast #40 Chris Flack: Unplugging & Corporate Wellness

By 18/05/2016October 13th, 2016No Comments

The f**k meditation therapy really helped me to let go of everything holding me back from the benefits of meditation. – Chris Flack

In our 40th episode, I speak with Chris Flack, the co-founder of and the curator of the Future Health Summit, one of the largest wellness summits in Europe.

As an expert in corporate wellness, Chris is uniquely positioned to talk about the effects of tech-life balance on corporate organisations and how we can all benefit from incorporating mindfulness, unplugging and balance into our professional lives.

What you’ll learn from this episode

  • The role of mindfulness in the corporation
  • How we can all learn to unplug in our digitised lives

Resources mentioned in the show