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Digital Mindfulness Podcast #5: The Conscious Professional With Neil Seligman

By 7th April 2015 October 13th, 2016 One Comment

“All of man’s difficulties are caused by his inability to sit, quietly, in a room by himself.” –  Blaise Pascal

In this episode of the Digital Mindfulness podcast, I talk with the Founder of the Conscious Professional, Neil Seligman. Neil and I talk about the benefits of incorporating a mindfulness meditation practice into our interactions with technology and how such a practice can help us become happier, healthier and more productive.


In this episode, you will discover:

  • Why mindfulness meditation practices are becoming more popular in corporate institutions
  • The importance of conferences such as Wisdom 2.0
  • The dangers inherent in the way we approach working with digital devices
  • How you can incorporate a mindfulness practice into your professional and personal life

Links Mentioned In the Show

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Neil Seligman

Neil Seligman

Founder: The Conscious Professional

Neil is a Life Coach, Meditation Teacher, Huffington Post Blogger and founder of The Conscious Professional, a consultancy offering mindful education to corporate clients.

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