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Digital Mindfulness Podcast #3: Addicted to Distraction with Alex Soojung Kim Pang

By 10/03/2015October 13th, 2016No Comments

In this episode of The Digital Mindfulness Podcast, I have the privilege of interviewing the author Alex Soojung Kim Pang. He has written extensively on digital distraction and in this interview, we talk at length about what can be done about it and, interestingly, how daydreaming can be a vital part of your professional life!

Alex studies people, technology, and the worlds they make. His last book, “The Distraction Addiction” talks about contemplative computing, and how to use information technologies and experiences in ways that don’t distract us and fracture our attention, but help us focus, concentrate, and be creative. His current project, “Rest: How Working Less Gets More Done” explains why Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens, and other super-creative and -productive people got so much done while working four hours a day– and how we can learn to work like them.

Alex Soojung Kim Pang

Alex Soojung Kim Pang


Alex is a technology forecaster and futurist and a senior consultant at Strategic Business Insights. He has taught history of science and technology and studied history and sociology of science at the University of Pennsylvania.

Links Mentioned in the Show:

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