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Digital Mindfulness Podcast #12 Linda Stone: Technology and the Essential Self

By 16/07/2015October 13th, 2016One Comment

In this episode, I speak with the author, thinker and technologist Linda Stone about the various ways technology can enhance the quality of our lives. In this fascinating discussion, Linda explains from her very unique perspective, how technology can degrade the quality of our lives and what we can do to manage that.

You’ll hear the unique perspective of a person who has lived through the digital revolution and has contributed greatly to our understanding of the ways human beings interact with such technologies. Linda has worked in high tech from 1986- present, first at Apple, then at Microsoft, and now independently.  In 1986, she was persuaded to join Apple Computer to help “change the world” where she did pioneering work in multimedia and publishing between 1986-1993, and also worked for CEO, John Sculley, on strategic initiatives.  In 1993, Stone joined Microsoft Research under Nathan Myhrvold and Rick Rashid, where she did pioneering work in online social life and online communities between 1993-2002, and also worked for CEO, Steve Ballmer, as VP, Corporate and Industry Initiatives. From 1994-1999, she was a lecturer for the NYU Interactive Telecommunications Graduate Program.  She’s coined a number of phrases including:  continuous partial attention, email apnea, screen apnea, conscious computing, and Essential Self Skills, Practices, and Technologies.

Over the years, Stone has been recognized by Upside Magazine as one of the Upside 100 Leaders of the Digital Revolution, by I.D. Magazine as one of the I.D. 40, and she was featured in John Brockman’s book, THE DIGERATI, which described her as a visionary both within Microsoft and to the industry at large.


Ideas and Resources Mentioned in the Show

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