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#71 Consciousness Hacking with Mikey Siegel

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We are what we build and we build what we are – according to our guest today technology has the potential to connected with humanity in ways that we haven’t yet begun to explore. Mikey Siegel is one of the pioneers in the digital wellness space. A Stanford University lecturer, the founder of the Consciousness Hacking movement, Mikey is one of the most powerful voices in the movement to create technology that supports human wellbeing. Mikey is on a mission to enhance human connection and consciousness, using the very best technology.

As you’ll discover today, consciousness hacking and technology are going to impact the lives of everyone on the planet and you’ll find out from Mikey just how technology can help us to be better humans.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How technology can facilitate deep human connection
  • How science and spiritual experiences are using technology to raise our consciousness
  • How Virtual Reality will change the nature of our mental health and consciousness
  • The emergence of the attention economy

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