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#138 Trust, Intentionality & Relationships with Zvi Band

By 13/01/2020January 29th, 2020No Comments

About Our Guest

Zvi is the CEO and co-Founder of Contactually, a CRM company dedicated to real estate agents. Zvi Band is the founder and CEO of Contactually, a Washington, D.C.-based relationship-marketing platform that maximizes value and drives greater ROI from personal and professional networks. Zvi frequently participates in thought leadership panels at Tech Cocktail, WordPress DC, DC PHP, and DCRUG events. He believes that relationships are one of our most important assets and in his new book, Success Is In Your Sphere, he explores how everyone can improve the quality of their relationships in both their professional and personal lives.

Episode Highlights

  • Why trust and intentionality are key to our most important relationships
  • Why the social networks’ pivot to privacy is so important
  • How to improve your relationships, even if you’re an introvert

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