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#88 Digital Intentionality with Andrew Dunn

As the CEO of Siempo Andrew Dunn’s mission is to reimagine the way people interact with technology. Siempo, which started life as a new kind of smartphone designed to respect people’s attention and enhance human well-being, Siempo is evolving into a software platform that forms a layer between addictive digital experiences, to those that encourage people to be more intentional about the quality of their digitised lives.

In this Digital Mindfulness talk, Andrew talks about his journey to focusing on digital intentionality, and how living a connected life led him to realise that he was not spending his time well. He also shares fantastic insights on how to live a more intentional digitised life in a world of constant distraction and low quality digital experiences.

About Andrew Dunn

Andrew fervently believes that by being more present, creative, and intentional with our digital lives, we have an incredible opportunity to improve the lives of people around the world. He is the CEO of Siempo, a software company based in Oakland, California. Starting life as a Kickstarter campaign, Siempo has evolved into an interface for our phones designed to liberate our attention so we can be more present and productive.

What You Will Learn In This Episode

  • What a digital layer of intentionality looks like
  • How current digital experiences sap our creativity, focus and well-being
  • How you can live a more intentional life with technology

Resources Mentioned In The Show


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Andrew Dunn

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