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125: The Transformational Benefits of Intentional Technology Use with Jonathan Garner

Our guest on the podcast this week is Jonathan Garner. Jonathan is the Founder of Mind Over Tech –  a wellbeing & productivity company helping people transform from distracted end-users to intentional humans who make technology work for them.

Mind Over Tech helps uncover the impact an unhealthy relationship with technology has on all aspects of our lives—from mental and physical wellbeing to productivity, creativity and quality of work.

In this episode, Jonathan talks to us about the importance of intentional technology use as a route to psychological wellbeing and enhanced productivity, the most impactful people in the intentional technology space at the moment, and the steps you can take right now to create a better relationship with your digitised life.

Remember you can also see Jonathan and many other top speakers and companies at the upcoming digital wellness festival in London. This is an industry-shaping event where the likes of Google, Headspace, Moment, Buddhify, Oxford University and more attend and shape the future of global digital wellbeing – right here in London.

Resources Mentioned In The Show

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