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Podcast #22 Neema Moraveji: The Benefits of Calming Technology

By 13/11/2015October 13th, 2016No Comments

“Breathing is the only thing you have conscious control over that directly affects your nervous system”

In this episode,Dr. Neema moraveji, director of Standord University’s Calming Technology Lab, talks about the importance of the breath and the ways that connected products can help us to modulate our breathing and bring about incredible cognitive and physiological benefits too. Neema is an expert on the

Neema is an expert on the research and design of technologies that promote healthy and high-performing states of mind and he also teaches the Designing Calm course at Stanford Design School.

Neema received his Ph.D. “Augmented Self-Regulation” from Stanford University and he is the co-founder of the wearable technology company Spire.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How our breathing affects our nervous system
  • How technology can unobtrusively help us improve the quality of our breathing
  • How technology can help create good habits
  • Why people sighing isn’t a sign of boredom!

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