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30th November 2016

#59 Brendesha Tynes: The Psychology of Online Racism & Cyberbullying

"Social media gives you a permanent record of bullying or discrimination - and you carry…
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Health & Wellness
31st October 2016

Emotional Impact of the Web

The internet, with its more than 4 billion people connected around the world, everyone creating…
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16th September 2016

Humanity, Technology & Wonder with Genevieve Bell

"The most profound technologies are the ones that do things we, as humans, care about"…
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change your life
Productivity & Creativity
26th August 2016

This Podcast Will Change Your Life with Oliver Burkeman

"What we need are ways of strengthening the muscle that lets you maintain control of…
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Health & Wellness
21st April 2016

DM Podcast #36 Dr. Aaron Balick: The Psychodynamics of the Web

"Going on to Twitter and expressing your shadow self is not expressing it, it is…
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Productivity & Creativity
10th February 2016

Podcast #28 Clive Thompson: Smarter Than You Think

In this episode, we speak with the author and journalist Clive Thompson about his book…
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Sex & Relationships
24th December 2015

Podcast #26 Feona Attwood: Understanding Online Porn

"The relationship between sex and technology is an old and established one; technologies have always…
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Productivity & Creativity
4th November 2015

Podcast #21 Aleks Krotoski: Untangling the Web

"Being human is to recognise that technology is not magic and does not do anything…
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DesignProductivity & Creativity
24th March 2015

Digital Mindfulness Podcast #4: How Technologies Hook Us, with Nir Eyal

We all have our addictions to some aspect of digital technology. For some, they can't…
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