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Digital Mindfulness Podcast #14 Jack Hooper: Doppel and Empathic Technology

By 14/08/2015October 13th, 2016No Comments

A year ago, I wrote a post called Mindfulness In The Machine and asked whether software or hardware could ever be created that could create within people a physical or mental state akin to that found when we meditate.

Imagine creating machines or software that can understand how we feel or change our emotional state. Imagine computing that could help us realise our potential naturally, without chemicals and no negative side effects.

In this episode, my guest, Jack Hooper from technology company Doppel, and his team have created just such a wearable device from a body of research they are calling Empathic Technology. Having just raised seed finance for their wearable product from their recent Kickstarter campaign, I talked with Jack about their campaign, their new product and where he thinks this new area of research can eventually go.

Join me for this fascinating insight into empathic technology, and Doppel.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • What empathic technology is
  • How Doppel was developed
  • How wearable technology can make us feel more alert or more relaxed
  • How our minds influence our bodies
  • The gambling effect of the infinite scroll mechanism

About Team Turqouise

Team Turqouise is a team of a designers, engineers and scientists who research psycho-physiology – the way in which a person’s mind and body affect one-another. They create technology that changes how people perceive, feel and behave. doppel is a wearable product that creates a measurable benefit to the way people feel to influence how alert or relaxed people feel. It works in the same manner as music, but achieves its effect through vibration.

Resources Mentioned In The Show:

Doppel Kickstarter Campaign

The Doppel Wristband Can Literally Change Your Mood

Team Turqouise


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