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Artificial Intelligence

#90 Emotional Machines with Yuval Mor

About this episode

Have you ever been frustrated when talking with an automated customer service representative and they don’t understand what you mean, but keep repeating the same phrase over and over? Or wish people understood you better when you were trying to email them something or send an update on social media?

With Affective Computing – computing that understands human emotions and behaviours – on the horizon, this could all be about to change. Our smartphones are slated to understand us better than we understand ourselves, potentially impacting every area of our lives. Our guest today, Yuval Mor, explains just how far this revolutionary technology will shape our lives.

About Yuval Mor

Yuval Mor is the CEO of Beyond Verbal, a company that focuses on analysing emotion from the human voice. With a background in computer science and software engineering, Yuval has led teams in Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv before Beyond Verbal.

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