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#95 The Digital Quotient with Dr Yuhun Park

About this episode

In this episode, the first of 2018, Lawrence speaks with Dr Yuhun Park, CEO and Founder of the Digital Quotient Institute about the DQ Index, teaching digital intelligence skills to people and particularly children around the world, and the potential for a digitally intelligent populace to positively impact the world.

About Dr Yuhun Park

As the mother of two children, Dr Park became focused on the potential for digital technologies to impact children as they prepare to successfully navigate the digital world.

Yuhyun and her team created the iZ HERO program, which was the world’s first interactive educational platform to teach kids about digital citizenship. It provides a holistic, values-based approach to help kids discern cyber-risks and responsibly use digital technologies.

The iZ HERO program achieved breakout success in Singapore as one of the world’s top-ranked educational systems where more than 90% of 9-12-year-old students participated in the program which has since gone global. As a result, the program was recognized by two international UNESCO prizes for educational innovation and has catalyzed a new global education movement that is supported by the World Economic Forum and Ashoka.

Building on these efforts, Yuhyun and her team have pioneered the DQ concept, which stands for the digital intelligence quotient and refers to a set of comprehensive skills that empower children to become responsible digital citizens. DQ is teachable and the latest version of iZ HERO called DQ World has successfully helped raise children’s DQ levels. The DQ platform forms the core of the #DQEveryChild initiative, which aims to reach 20 million 9-12-year-old children worldwide by 2020.

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