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#79: Interview with Jay Vidyarthi

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In this episode, we speak with the award-winning experience designer and researcher, Jay Vidyarthi. He guides teams through a human-centered approach to creating useful products, systems, and services. His focus on meaningful work has led to a strong and diverse portfolio with notable projects promoting mindfulness and improving healthcare.

Forbes recently named Jay in a list of “10 world renowned meditation tech experts.” He used a lean, iterative process to design Muse: the brain sensing headband, a successful consumer product experience which gives you feedback on your brain while you meditate. His related academic work on a persuasive technology for mindfulness called Sonic Cradle has been published and well-cited in the literature on human-computer interaction.
Jay also helped launch A Mindful Society, a Toronto conference which attracts 500+ mindful leaders in healthcare, education, business and government every year. Jay leads a unique design thinking approach to co-create each event directly with the audience.


What you will learn in this episode

  • Some of the issues with the technology and mindfulness industry
  • Mindfulness and the role of the attention economy
  • How our environment and institutions influence the technologies we create
  • Why your workplace and your designs should align with your values
  • Is technology’s role, ultimately, to disappear?
  • Why mindfulness is a form of personal activism in the Attention Economy

Resources mentioned in the show


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