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#55 Jocelyn Glei – Unsubscribe

“We need new skills to deal with technology. Technology is a good servant but not a great master”

– Jocelyn Glei

In this episode, we speak with the writer, author, and entrepreneur, Jocelyn Glei about her new book unsubscribe. Jocelyn is the founding editor of and former director of the influential 99u conference, and is focused on understanding the nature of creativity and how workers generate and incorporate more of it into our daily work.

Jocelyn’s perspective is similar to the other digital challenges at other organisations – such as Concern Worldwide, and other digital professionals who experience digital distraction. If you’re thinking more about the way you use email, this podcast is certainly for you.

Jocelyn is the author of a range of books on the topic, such as Manage your Day to Day, Maxmise your potential, and Make Your Mark. However, it’s her new book Unsubscribe that is the focus of the show today as we talk specifically about email, and innovative ways to reduce the anxiety that comes from email use, limit digital distraction and how we can spend more time on the work that matters to you.

What You Will Learn From This Episode

  • The psychological basis of email addiction, and distraction
  • How to write better email
  • Strategies to be more creative and productive at work
  • How email collapses personal and professional boundaries
  • How to create mindful devices

Resources mentioned in the show