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#133 Re-engineering Humanity with Brett Frischmann

In this episode, Professor Brett Frischmann of Vilanova University speaks with Lawrence about his new book Re-Engineering Humanity, and the ways in which techno-social systems impact upon humanity.

As the Charles Widger Endowed University Professor in Law, Business, and Economics, Brett’s main role is to promote cross-campus research, programming and collaboration, in addition to teaching and his role as an Affiliate Scholar at the Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School.

In 2018, Brett and co-author Evan Selinger wrote Re-Engineering Humanity, an examination of what’s happening to our lives as society embraces big data, predictive analytics, and smart environments. They explain how the goal of designing programmable worlds goes hand in hand with engineering predictable and programmable people. Detailing new frameworks, provocative case studies, and mind-blowing thought experiments, Frischmann and Selinger reveal hidden connections between fitness trackers, electronic contracts, social media platforms, robotic companions, fake news, autonomous cars, and more. This powerful analysis should be read by anyone interested in understanding exactly how technology threatens the future of our society, and what we can do now to build something better.

What You Will Learn

  • The Reverse Turing Test as a window into the impact of technology in society
  • The extent of ‘nudge-creep’ in a global society
  • The placement of wearables in schools and colleges and their potential impact

Resources Mentioned In The Show

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