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#115 Digital Accountability with Taylor Jacobson

About Our Guest

Our guest today is Taylor Jacobson. He’s the CEO and Founder of Focusmate, a startup that focuses on enhancing remote work by the use of video to stimulate accountability. Taylor believes that many of the world’s problems could be solved if people did their best work. His mission with FocusMate is to make this a reality by creating a digital workplace that optimizes remote work productivity via peer accountability.

The spark for Focusmate came from my work as a coach and trainer, working with leaders at places like JPMorgan, Palantir, Betterment, Compass, Wharton, Cornell, and Yale, where I gained deep experiential knowledge of peak performance and what gets in its way.

What You Will Learn

In this fascinating episode, Taylor talks to us about the unforeseen challenges that come with remote working, and how using technology to work with other people can not only help us to get work done, it can also help us to do our very best work.

Resources Mentioned In The Show

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