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Digital Wellness

#104 Shine Offline with Laura Willis

About the Episode

Laura Willis, co-founder, and owner of Shine Offline talks to Lawrence about the ways enterprise companies in particular, have a vital role to play in contributing to their employees’ tech-life-balance. Technology impacts the lives of the vast majority of employees around the world and armed with the skills and learnings from Laura and co-founder Anna Kotwinski, people can learn how they can shine offline.

This fascinating episode will show you how you can integrate digital wellness to enhance the quality of your lives.

About Our Guest

Laura Willis is the co-founder of Shine Offline and launched the business following her own realisation that her dysfunctional relationship with her smartphone was stressing her out. She had her lightbulb moment on an early morning train surrounded by commuters utterly engrossed in their phones and a few months later Shine Offline was born.

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