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#105: Data Detoxing with Cade Diehm from Tactical Tech

By 22/07/2018August 1st, 2018No Comments

Episode Overview

Do you know how your data is being used? Are you aware of the various ways your behaviour is shaped by the services and apps you use every day? Our guest today from the Tactical Technology Collective takes you the current state of play around the ways people and companies relate to technology. Today’s speaker, Cade, takes you through the organisation’s work on the Data Detox, a toolkit that helps people to become more aware of their data selves and improve the quality of their digitised lives.

About Our Guest

As the project lead on the Data Detox project, Tactical Technology Collective, in association with Mozilla and The Glass Room, Cade works to help increase awareness of the impact that technology has on individual identity, and social cohesion.

Tactical Tech is a Berlin-based organisation working at the intersection of technology, human rights and civil liberties. They provide training, conduct research and create cultural interventions that contribute to the wider socio-political debate around digital security, privacy and the ethics of data.

Resources & Topics Mentioned In The Show

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