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No Interface with Golden Krishna

By 23/09/2016October 13th, 2016No Comments

“Instead of technology breaking us free from the office, we’re always at work…and this isn’t a good thing.”

In this episode, we speak with the user experience designer and best-selling author Golden Krishna, about his new book The Best Interface Is No Interface. In this show, we talk about the nature of innovation and the importance of solving key problems humans face without a screen-first mentality.

Golden Krishna is an innovation and user experience designer, currently working with Google on design strategy shaping the future of Android.

Golden has worked for R&D innovation labs at Google, Samsung, and Zappos to imagine, design, and build new products and services. At Samsung, Golden worked one of the company’s first wearables projects, and patented technology around contextual computing. At Zappos, he explored new lines of business with CEO Tony Hsieh, including Zappos Airlines, and designed an RFID retail checkout system.

His work and design thinking have been featured in major publications like The Verge, BBC, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, Forrester, and PC World. He was called one of the “World’s Best Designers” by Fast Company.

What You Will Learn In This Episode

  • How companies can innovate better
  • Why people approach problems with a screen-first mentality
  • The human impact of screen-first design approaches

Resources Mentioned In The Show

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