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Look Up

By 28/10/2014October 13th, 2016One Comment

One Comment

  • Pam Boney says:

    Wow, very well done. I am so grateful for the people who made this video. I share out things I’m doing on my iPhone, just like everyone, and notice what I am missing when I do. Sometimes, when I am cooking or at a beautiful place, I send out a photo, hoping it will make people want to come visit us. I do miss the way we all used to be before we connected virtually. My head hurts after texting with the people I love. Then feel frustrated that I do it mostly because it’s the only way they seem to want to connect these days. I notice that I prefer relationships with those who remember how to connect in a real way and make time for them at the drop of a hat.

    I’m going to make a commitment to leaving my phone at home when I am with my husband, my parents, my friends and loved ones after seeing this and hope others will join me after seeing this. Really makes you think and crystalizes it into understanding about what, precisely, we are missing.

    Again, well done. This conference is very interesting to me.

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