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Behaviour Change

#148 How e-Leaning Upskills Patients and Saves Lives with Noora Health

About Our Guests

Edith Elliot and Shahed Alam are co-founders of Noora Health, a health company that uses e-learning to help train family members and patients in core healthcare skills to improve health outcomes for people around the world. After meeting in Stanford, Edith and Shahed created Noora Health to take complex medical information and share it through videos and text, and upskill families and patients.
On the show today, Edith and Shahed take us through the creation of Noora Health, and the future of affordable healthcare.

Key Points from the Show

  • Why low tech solutions are just as effective as expensive, complex high-tech solutions
  • Why family members are an under-utilised resource in healthcare solutions
  • How e-learning can make healthcare more affordable globally

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