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Mental Health

#145 Nick Tong – Mental Health for All

About Our Guest

Often referred to as a “geek that can speak” Nick is a technologist with engaging communications skills. He is an entrepreneur with specialist experience in management information systems and product innovation.

With other 15 years of technical experience, Nick has worked with brands such as the NHS, Courvoisier, RSPCA, Publicis, Vodafone, Fixnetix, HomeTrack and the BBC.

Nick has gained an exceptional ability in interpreting technology enablers and formulating digital strategies to fulfil business objectives.

His experience includes: CTO and Co-Founder of Compare and Share, the worlds 1st marketplace focussing on the Sharing Economy; and founder of Tizuni Digital a full-service digital agency specialising in information systems and product development.

Key Points Mentioned In The Episode

  • The future of digital mental health
  • Measuring mental health
  • Providing mental health at scale

Resources Mentioned In The Show


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