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#66 Facebooking Ourselves to Death with Ilya Lozovsky

In this episode, Digital Mindfulness¬†speaks with Foreign Policy‘s Ilya Lozovsky. Formerly with the democracy-tracking think tank Freedom House, Ilya is now assistant editor at Foreign Policy’s Democracy Lab¬†where he follows the challenges and threats to democracy around the world and reports on them.

In this episode, Ilya speaks about the role of fake news, hyper-connectivity and digital literacy in shaping democracy around the world, and why people might just be Facebooking themselves to death.

This is a fascinating interview with a top thinker in the area of foreign policy and international affairs.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • Why education in digital literacy is now more urgent than ever
  • How political behaviour is impacted by social media
  • Why people live in different “informational universes” from each other

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