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#140 A Gym For Mental Health with Aimée-Louise Carton & Will-Ben Sims

By 03/02/2020February 4th, 2020No Comments

About Our Guests

Today’s guests are the founders of the mental health app Keep Appy, a virtual gym for mental health. Founders Aimée-Louise Carton and Will Ben Sims created Keep Appy as a result of their own personal experiences in the field of mental health. Keep Appy is a multi-featured preventative wellness toolkit that empowers users to take control of their mental and emotional wellbeing. It was inspired by the lack of solutions for preventative mental health and has since launched to great acclaim.

Episode Highlights

  • Why mindfulness apps may not be the solution you need
  • Why mental health is as important as our physical health
  • Why mental health requires a suite of techniques, not just one

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