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#107 How To Consciously Connect with Georgie Powell

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About the Episode

Georgie Powell, CEO and founder of Find Your Phone Life Balance, the makers of the mobile app Space discusses on the show the current landscape of digital wellness, and, how the landscape is changing around the world. Georgie also discusses the potential for digital wellness to impact the lives of people in a positive way around the world and the role that Space plays in this.

About Our Guest

Georgie Powell is the co-founder & CEO of Phone Life Balance Ltd, creators of SPACE. Her wake-up moment about her own phone habits was when she became a new mum, glued to social media and not feeling great about it. She started to notice the emotional triggers that were driving her to her phone and knew that once she understood these, her habits would be easier to change. She wanted to create SPACE to help millions of other people to find their phone/life balance.

Georgie is committed to a future where we use technology consciously to make the world a better place. She is a recognised thought leader in the future of tech, ethical tech and digital wellness and was recently invited by Google to speak about ‘ethical and sustainable app engagement’ to an audience of their top 150 app developers. She has also recently been featured on the globally acclaimed digital mindfulness podcast.

A former graduate of Oxford University and Cambridge University, she has built her career in media, telecoms and technology, first as a strategy consultant working across Europe and Asia, and prior to launching Phone Life Balance Ltd, working for Google, where she led YouTube’s content business in Australia.

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