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Digital Wellness

#101 How The Wim Hof Method Changes Your Digital Life with Níall Ó Murchú

About the Episode

In this episode, Wim Hof Method instructor and digital consultant Níall Ó Murchú talks with Lawrence about the positive impact of the Wim Hof Method on his personal life, his professional life, and in the quality of his digitised connections. Níall takes us through what it means to be a Wim Hof instructor, how the cold and other discomforts can be beneficial to us, and the far-reaching positive impacts of deep breathing as we navigate our highly connected lives.

About the Guest

Níall Ó Murchú is a certified Wim Hof Method instructor, former international athlete, traditional Irish healer, wild herbalist and digital consultant, having worked with some of the biggest companies and NGOs in the world on their digital strategies.

Resources Mentioned in the Show

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