#72 Love Your Work with David Kadavy

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We spend more than 50% of our waking lives working and with the increasing digitisation of out working lives, it’s easy to see that the way we work is changing rapidly. In this episode, I speak with the best-selling author and entrepreneur David Kadavy. David is the author of Design for Hackers and he is also the host of the Love Your Work podcast.

In a former life David was a product designer in Silicon Valley but now focuses on writing. Previously, David worked with behavioural scientist Dan Ariely to reinvent Google Calendar, and he now resides in Medellín, Colombia.

David focuses his work on building habits that support Deep Work and the interrelationship between technological progress and human experience.

What you’ll learn in this episode

  • Creative productivity is not about time management, it’s about mind management
  • How ‘motivational judo’ will help get you through the monotonous parts of work
  • Build a ‘ten minute hack’ to help you be more productive and less distracted

Resources in the episode

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