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September 17, 2020

All times BST

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16.00 Welcome Address

Dr. Lawrence Ampofo provides a welcome address to the Responsible Innovation Summit 2020.

16.15 How will the Covid-accelerated adoption of digital platforms transform the global economy? with Indranil Ghosh

Dr. Indranil Ghosh discusses the ongoing evolution of the responsible and sustainable technology industry.

  • How can we think differently about where to study, work, and live?
  • How career-planning, family-planning, and financial planning will change forever?
  • How digitization is central to the low-carbon transition?
  • How digital can be an enabler of economic inclusion?
  • How to manage the risks of data privacy and digital repression?

18.00 Digital Twins & Sustainable Smart Cities

Nicolas Waern, the Smart City Whisperer, presents on the importance of digital twins and how they will be increasingly used to support sustainable and digitized environments.

19.30 The Future of Ethical Tech with Cennydd Bowles

Cennydd Bowles shares his exclusive insights on the future for ethical technology development in the EU and North America.

20.00 Developing Ethical AI with Toju Duke

Toju Duke discusses the challenges and future for AI and ML development in ways that are ethical and inclusive.

20.30 Responsible Solution Architecture with Steve Smith

Responsible and ethical approaches to building future digital systems with enterprise architect Steve Smith.