Responsible Innovation Summit

29 – 30 July 2020

The Responsible Innovation Summit showcases the digital leaders and organisations influencing the course of responsible digital transformation around the world.

Responsible Digital Innovation.

With exclusive content from world-leading brands and thought-leaders, connect with the international responsible innovation community and join us for a deep dive into the latest advances.

The coming wave of digital transformation is projected to be the most important and far-reaching ever undertaken. In our post-COVID world, digitisation will influence ever-greater areas of our lives. Companies will use current and emerging technologies to revolutionise the economy and society but will be increasingly mindful of the imperative to innovate responsibly to enable greater efficiencies, outperform competition, and avoid negative unintended consequences.

Responsible digital innovation is of increasing importance to staff, customers, shareholders, and lawmakers. As businesses innovate with ever-more intensity to leverage the benefits of revolutionary technologies like AI, distributed ledgers, augmented reality, and robotics, mitigating harm and negative unintended consequences are equally important.

In this event, thought leaders and leading brands will share the innovations they are bringing to their digital transformation processes to ensure they are ethical and responsible.

Global Digital Conference, 30 July - 1 August, 2020

Topics On The Agenda

Responsible Design

How are leading companies and thinkers designing systems and products to mitigate unintended harms and are responsible by design? 


In complex organisations, how do we put responsible innovation frameworks into practice at scale?

Digital Trust

What are the skills required by companies to advance this field?

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