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#87 Designing for Friction To Humanise Our Digitised Lives with Steve Selzer

By 08/10/2017October 16th, 2017No Comments

In this episode, Digital Mindfulness we speak with the AirBnB design manager Steve Selzer. Before joining Airbnb, Steve was creative director at global innovation firm Frog Design, and is passionate about human-centered design and focused on building products that responsibly advance the human experience.

Today, Steve leads the Business Travel design team, which is focused on transforming the experience people have when they travel for work. He also leads the Payments design team, whose focus is two-fold: enabling more people to transact on the platform, and empowering Airbnb Hosts to be successful entrepreneurs.

In this show, Steve talks about embracing friction, and how avoiding it means removing “opportunities for serendipity, confrontation, and personal growth”.

What you will learn in this episode

  • How friction helps us to grow
  • How adopting many digital tools leads to a ‘collision of convenience’


Resources mentioned in the show

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