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#63 Time Well Spent with James Williams: Part II

Happy New Year to all our Digital Mindfulness listeners around the world!

As we welcome 2017 with open arms, we’re sharing this second instalment of a Digital Mindfulness Show interview with James Williams. In this second part of the wide-ranging interview, we talk in even more depth about the ways in which technology, and particularly the way it is designed, contributes to some of the problems faced by business and people in the world.

We reach even further into James’ considerable experience in the technology industry to find out what we can do to create a digitised world that we want, rather than the one we’re given.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode

  • How a 1% global increase in intention would impact humanity
  • How we’re just created the first clickbait President
  • How the ethical creation of technology will empower business and the planet