Digital Mindfulness Podcast #7 Dr. Kimberly Young: Addicted to the Internet

Smoking, sex, food, alcohol, tobacco, narcotics; these are all things we know are addictive in some way but the addiction to the Internet?

In this very special episode I talk with Dr. Kimberly Young about the reasons why people become addicted to the Internet and what they can do about it.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why Asian countries were the first to identify Internet addiction as a medical condition
  • What types of online activity are most likely to lead to Internet addiction
  • How you can spot the signs of someone who is addicted to the Internet

Resources mentioned in the show:

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Lawrence Ampofo

Lawrence Ampofo is a thought leader on the impact of digital technologies on humans and society. Lawrence is a political scientist, strategic communications expert, author, trainer and speaker who focuses on the impact of emerging digital technologies on the geopolitical system and global business.
Lawrence Ampofo
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