Digital Mindfulness Podcast #6: Meaningful Digital Experiences With Tristan Harris

“Words May Show A Man’s Wit But Actions His Meaning” – Benjamin Franklin

This is a very special edition of the Digital Mindfulness podcast, as I talk with Tristan Harris, who works on behaviour and ethics for Google.

Tristan’s focus is to develop a framework to help product designers align their products and services with the way Users want to live their lives, while simultaneously supporting their overall well-being and attention.

Tristan is also working on an independent design movement for Time Well Spent, similar to the Slow Movement, to encourage a shift from an economy that’s a race to the bottom for seducing people’s attention, to an economy competing to create net positive contributions to people’s lives.


In This Episode, You Will Discover:

  • What it means to design technology for people’s attention
  • Whether people’s interactions with technology reflect their true desires
  • What is the highest quality way in which people can communicate?
  • Do companies need new metrics to measure successful digital experiences?

Links Mentioned In The Show

Tristan Harris

Tristan Harris

Behavioural Influence & Ethics at Google

Tristan works for Google analysing behavioural influence and ethics. He is the Founder of the Time Well Spent Project

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