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Digital Mindfulness Workshops

Reimagine the potential of your team, products and services in our in-depth training & strategy workshops

In an age of information overload and constant digital distraction, creating cohesive and effective teams, and products that align with humanity’s deepest needs and values are characteristics of successful businesses. In an age of information overload and ceaseless distractions, how can teams communicate and collaborate effectively? How can businesses meaningfully engage with customers whose atention is bombarded every second with other brand messages? How can companies build products and services that positively contribute to people’s lives?

With our approach, we can help you design products, services and teams that align with the deepest human values from the very beginning.

Whether you’re creating a brand new product, improving an existing one, or improving the quality of your internal or external communications, our workshops can help you move towards this. We have supported our customers through this process, helping them to discuss their ideas and find the best solutions.

In our workshops, we help you identify and validate assumptions, and test new products, ideas and systems in a fast and cost-effective way. This helps to shape new offerings, identify solutions to existing problems and ensure that your team is on the right path.

What We Offer

Product Design Workshops

In this workshop, we work with you to fully review your existing product or service to answer critical business and user questions

Internal Communications Workshops

This workshop helps you to create environments that improve team collaboration and communication in an age of digital distraction and information overload

Customer Engagement Workshops

In this workshop, we work with you to fully review your communications and messaging to meaningfully engage with digitally distracted customers

Digital Distraction Workshops

Our workshop helps you develop a more intentional relationship with your digital environments

Why Attend Our Workshops?

Our workshops benefit your digital products and services in the following ways:

  • Increased product ROI
  • Enable your product to meaningfully connect with people and elp them live well
  • Eliminate product distractions
  • Enable net positive improvements in peoples lives
  • Produce products that respect people’s boundaries and attention
  • Unify teams around the ethically designed digital products
  • Creation of real prototypes
  • Opportunities to humanise users and inspire your team