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Reimagining Digital Transformation

Digital Mindfulness has been at the forefront of digital ethics and digital wellbeing for over 7 years, helping companies around the world approach digitization responsibly.
Digital Wellbeing Strategy

Uncovering New Opportunities To Keep Your Team Healthy and Productive.

People are seeking products and experiences that promote wellbeing and healthy habits. From sleep tech to mindfulness apps, new technologies and distribution models are enabling the rise of novel solutions to prevent and alleviate mental health problems such as anxiety and stress.

New technologies, along with the rise of the online channel, are creating greater access to products and services promising mind-body improvements.

Our approach to digital strategy is comprised of powerful customer insights, deep knowledge of emerging technologies and the talent to operationalize and evolve strategies.

Digital Ethics Strategy

Mitigating the Negative Impacts of Digital Transformation.

With the introduction of powerful emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, and more, digitization is at the core of our daily lives.

While in the past, the success of technology was measured by the amount of revenue or the number of users, businesses increasingly view the most innovative companies realise that in order to improve their reputation, the quality of their products and to reduce the risks associated with digital transformation, technology deployment has to be responsible and ethical in nature.

Our interdisciplinary teams are experts at the operationalisation of digital ethics and responsible innovation. Over the last decade we’ve created a network of outstanding engineers, strategists and researchers with talents and experience in multiple making digital ethics work at scale.

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Digital Mindfulness Webinars

Connecting and Upskilling the Global Digital Ethics Community

Our collection of online conferences are an opportunity to bring together thought leaders, experts and the wider community to share the coming innovations in digital ethics, and the skills required to make these visions a reality.

From academic research events to developer-focused conferences, we serve the community of all disciplines working to advance digital ethics.

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