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Emerging Technology and Innovation Strategy.

Dr Lawrence Ampofo founded Digital Mindfulness in 2014 and is a technology strategist with over 15 years experience. His work on geopolitics, innovation, emerging technologies, persuasive technologies, digital wellbeing and business leadership helps organisations around the world better understand how to navigate shifting social, political and economic forces shaping technology and business.

Approaching technology and business evolution that cuts across industries and disciplines, Dr Ampofo demonstrates the business, social and economic impacts of sustainable digital environments.

As an early proponent of social media intelligence to measure brand reputation, human behaviour, and political communication, Dr Ampofo has a unique perspective of the impacts that great technology shifts have on business, society and product development.

As a speaker and lecturer at institutions such as Cambridge University, Oxford University, Which? Google, European Union, Blanquerna Universitat de Barcelona, and more, Dr Ampofo has presented at a number of conferences including Humanise the Web, Smart Buildings Summit, and more.

As a highly connected and deeply knowledgable expert, it is Dr Ampofo’s ability to capture rare insights from around the world, and articulate them in ways that are energising and engaging for your audience is that makes him valuable for your event.

As a deep subject matter expert, Dr Ampofo covers a wide range of topics; from the operationalisation of digital ethics to digital sustainability strategy, to the role of the metaverse in modern digital wellbeing, Dr Ampofo distils data, insights and events from around the world in educational and inspiring ways.

Whether you have an audience of thousands or a small and highly focused event, Dr Lawrence Ampofo inspires your audience to understand the emerging technology landscape and how they can intentionally adapt to it.

As part of his work, Dr Ampofo has travelled to over 60 countries in his career. In his spare time, he runs obstacle course races, hiking and organising conferences. Lawrence holds a doctorate from Royal Holloway University of London in International Relations and is currently interested in digital sustainability, operationalising emerging technologies in complex environments, digital intentionality and human-computer interaction.

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Global Digital Health & Wellbeing: Opportunities, Risks and Transformation.

  • Digital Wellness Ecosystem: State of the Market
    • Asia Pacific
    • EMEA
    • USA & Canada
  • Workplace Technology Distraction: Digital Experiences That Enable A Focused Workforce
  • Digital Wellbeing in the Workplace
  • Digital Wellbeing and Schools


Digital Sustainability.

  • Sustainability by Design: Embedding Sustainability, Ethics and Intentionality into Products
  • Digital Sustainability Strategy: Bringing Your Strategy To Life


Emerging Technologies.

Responsible Innovation & The Metaverse


Lawrence has this rare combination of insight, expertise, humility and compassion that, in my mind, makes him truly remarkable and an inspiration

Nathalie NahaiExpert in psychology, persuasive tech & human behaviour.

@lampofo was incredible! We were so lucky to have his brilliance on display today!

KhorosSmart Social London

Lawrence’s talk was a true delight. Thoughtful and insightful, it clarified what most of today’s overloaded users would figure out if only they weren’t so overloaded to begin with.

Nathan Zeldesco-Founder IORG Conference

At a time when our lives are saturated with emails, smartphones and instant communication, Digital Mindfulness is the key to protecting yourself from becoming digitally overwhelmed

Adam GrantDirector of Content, Acast