Advancing Responsible Innovation Globally

Ethical Technologies and responsible innovation transform digital experiences. Digital Mindfulness helps you navigate this shifting landscape. We’re changing the way people understand ethical technology and responsible innovation.

Responsible innovation Challenges


International policymaking institutions, think tanks, and regulatory institutions create new technology ethics policies, potentially affecting major deployments

Operationalization & Accountability

Effectively operationalizing responsible technology frameworks across organisations can be challenging and involve many cross-functional teams.

Unintended Consequences

When deploying AI and Machine Learning frameworks, we explore the potential for unintended consequences that could result in negative experiences.

Explainability & Transparency

Are your AI and ML frameworks transparent? Are they explainable so non-technical people can understand the effects of algorithms?

Applying Ethical Technology Frameworks


Digital Mindfulness helps drive the operationalisation of ethical technology frameworks within your company.

Academic & Institutional Partnerships

With our extensive network of industry and academic experts, we help your organisation engage with world-leading practitioners in ethical technology.

Ethical Tech Research

We monitor and provide intelligence on global research and market trends related to AI / ML Ethics, Digital Wellbeing, and ethical technologies to help ensure your understanding on ethical tech is up-to-date.

Education & Workshops

Our education programs and workshops bring your teams up to speed with the current applications of the ethical technology landscape.


Customer Experience

As AI and ML become more closely connected to customer experience, ethical frameworks have the potential to enhance the experiences of people at the level of the individual.

Big Data

Ethical and sustainable analysis of data stores is a pre-requisite for companies. Digital Mindfulness helps create frameworks for ethical data analysis.

Supply Chain

Ethical Frameworks for data-driven supply chains have the potential to identify potential risks to the company and drive value to the overall business.

Health & Fitness

In a world of wearables and digital fitness, ethical technology frameworks can help safeguard users and identify risks before they become real-world issues.

Employee Experience

The use of AI in the workforce will enable new forms of engagement with employees which must be conducted ethically.


in the digitised classroom, educators have the potential for hyper-personalised curricula which will require the automated analysis of billions of data points.

Online Safeguarding

Ethical AI is being applied to online communities to ensure automatic content and behavioural moderation.

Marketing & Advertising

Ethical ML / AI have the potential to automatically enhance online marketing and advertising experiences

Regulation & Compliance

Increasingly heavy penalties await companies who fail to implement adequate ethical digital frameworks as the technological landscape expands.

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