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Digital Mindfulness Membership

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You're just a few clicks away from accessing Digital Mindfulness's invaluable content, resources, data and tools designed to help you achieve excellence in responsible innovation, digital ethics, and digital wellbeing.

Monthly Deep-Dive Hosted Discussions

Join the most respected experts and companies around the world as they host live interactive deep-dive discussions on important aspects of responsible innovation and digital ethics designed to deepen your education, connect you to the community and directly engage with the world’s leading minds.

Monthly Reports

Access monthly reports on the latest market trends affecting developments in responsible innovation, digital ethics and digital wellbeing.

On-Demand Conference Access

It’s not always convenient for people to attend conferences in person or online. Members therefore get on-demand access to our collection of conferences, in addition to conference access with our partners around the world.

DM Monthly

£ 9.99

Month Plan
  • Live hosted expert discussions
  • Access past conferences & trainings

Annual Plan

£ 99

Per Year
  • On-demand access to conference presentations and materials
  • Live hosted deep-dive discussions
  • Monthly reports