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June 30, 2020

All times BST

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15.00 Welcome Address

Dr. Lawrence Ampofo provides a welcome address to the Digital Wellbeing Festival 2020.

15.10 AI, & Digital Wellbeing

Catherine McAllister from the BBC discusses The Corporation’s approach to digital wellbeing using AI and mobile.

15.45 Remote Work & The Body

Twitter’s Jasmin Khan leads us on a discussion about the body and our new digitised ways of working.

16.15 Sleep & Digital Wellbeing

Rich Keen, Chief Growth Officer at Moshi shares insights on how Moshi’s audio stories and mindfulness content helps families relax and sleep better.

16.45 Esports, Gaming & Digital Wellbeing

Led by Professor Andy Miah from the University of Salford, Chester King, CEO of the British Esports Association, and Sean Scott from the XCollective, this panel discusses the importance of gaming as a digital wellbeing toolkit.

17.30 Restorative Breathing Session with Wim Hof Method Instructor, Niall O'Murchu

Niall O’Murchu leads us in a very special and restorative Wim Hof Method breathing session.

18.15 Rethinking Screen Time & Our Values

Lianne Kerlin from The BBC shares the work of The Corporation in rethinking their approach to screen time and how we can all think about it differently.

19.15 Technology Addiction and the Illusion of Control

Professor Gaia Bernstein from Seton Hall University shares her latest research and insights on technology addiction, law and their impact on wider society.

19.45 Digital Minimalism co-founders, Dennis Miloseki and Howard Nuk share with us the organisation’s approach to digital minimalism and how this informs modern-day mobile behaviours.

20.15 Remote Working & Digital Wellbeing

Robby MacDonell, former CEO of RescueTime presents his insights with us on remote work, screen time and how we can think more innovatively about the ways these two elements can enhance our digital wellbeing.

15.00 Wellness Tech Market Trends

Join Nichol Bradford, CEO of the Transformative Technology Labs, and Gary Moon, Managing Partner of NFluence as they discuss the latest market trends for wellbeing technologies and how this affects consumers and the global startup community.

15.45 Our Lives Online: How We Think, Work, and Live Amidst Digital Distractions

Tyler Shores from Cambridge University discusses the latest research and insights he and his team have unearthed on the latest innovations surrounding neuroscience, digital distraction and work.

16.45 Restorative Breathing Session with Wim Hof Method Instructor, Niall O'Murchu

Niall O’Murchu leads us in a very special and restorative Wim Hof Method breathing session.

17.30 Kindness Capital

Join Jane Murray, and Amy Giddon, CEOs from Peacebeam, Daily Haloha respectively as we share insights on the ways digital can facilitate new forms of value, and lead to a more sustainable world.

18.00 Digitised Spaces Post-COVID

Ken Sinclair of and Nicolas Waern of WINNIIO discuss the potential for digitised spaces to affect digital wellbeing and what the future holds for effectively digitising our offices, homes and communal spaces.

19.00 Listening to Gen Z: How LookUp-Empowered Youth Are Reclaiming Balance From the Attention Economy

Susan Reynolds and Julie O’Brien from LookUp Live! take us through the opportunities for youth-led action on digital wellbeing, and why Generation-Z might have the best solutions to enhance the quality of our digitised lives.

19.30 The Importance of Digital Wellbeing Now

Nina Hersher and Amy Blankson of the Digital Wellness Institute discuss the evolving state of digital wellness now and how we can all think about integrating digital technologies into our lives in a more intentional way.

15.00 Benevolent Health: Digital Stress Management Workshop

Join Marteka Swaby as she leads this interactive workshop on digital stress management.

16.00 LookUp Live: Listening to GenZ workshop

LookUp youth leaders will share their stories and groundbreaking solutions to reversing the negative mental, social, and physical effects of the attention economy. This energizing workshop is great for students, educators, social entrepreneurs, and business leaders interested in learning how to engage youth in this complex social issue. This free session has limited places so please sign up as soon as possible to reserve your spot.

17.00 Digital Wellbeing Institute: Digital Flourishing Workshop

Nina Hersher and Amy Blankson from the Digital Wellness Institute lead this session on research-driven ways people can implement modern digital wellness in their lives.

17.00 BBC: Human Futures: Putting Human Values At The Heart Of Our Future World

Join Lianne Kerlin and Filippo Cuttica from The BBC for an intimate, hosted round-table on human values, screen time and humanising our tech-enabled world.

18.30 MESMO Consultancy: Taking Control of Your Inbox

Monica Seeley from MESMO Consultancy, and who has over 30 years’ experience in email best-practice leads this interactive session on expert ways information workers can take greater control of their inboxes.