Behaviour Change
9th December 2017

#91 Meditation Studio with Patricia Karpas

About the Episode In this episode, Patricia Karpas, currently the co-founder of Meditation Studio, talks…
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Artificial Intelligence
17th November 2017

#90 Emotional Machines with Yuval Mor

About this episode Have you ever been frustrated when talking with an automated customer service…
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8th October 2017

#87 Designing for Friction To Humanise Our Digitised Lives with Steve Selzer

In this episode, Digital Mindfulness we speak with the AirBnB design manager Steve Selzer. Before…
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2nd October 2017

#85: In The Moment with Kevin Holesh

  In this episode, Digital Mindfulness speaks with the founder of Moment App - Kevin…
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10th September 2017

#84 Tech & Work Life Balance with Anna Cox

In this episode, we talk with Professor Anna Cox of University College London about her…
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Behaviour Change
6th August 2017

#82 Creating Your Digital Blue Zone with Zack Prager

In this episode, we speak with the CEO and Founder of the Android App Ransomly,…
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Health & WellnessMental Health
30th July 2017

#81 The Effects of Technology On Our Brains with Dr. Peter Whybrow

In this episode, we speak with Dr. Peter Whybrow M.D.,┬áDirector of the Semel Institute for…
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