#65 Technology & Literacy in the Workplace with Elizabeth Marsh

In this episode of Digital Mindfulness, I speak with Elizabeth Marsh, Research Director at the Digital Workplace Group (DWG) and leading thinker on the various ways technology impacts the quality of our work lives. In this fascinating interview, Elizabeth talks about the importance of digital literacy in our everyday work and how this can improve the quality of our work lives both now and in the future.

What You Will Learn In This Episode

  • What digital literacy is and how to use it in the workplace
  • Why digital detoxes can be ineffective
  • Why all staff will have to be digitally literate in the near future

Resources Mentioned In The Show

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Lawrence Ampofo

Lawrence Ampofo is a thought leader on the impact of digital technologies on humans and society. Lawrence is a political scientist, strategic communications expert, author, trainer and speaker who focuses on the impact of emerging digital technologies on the geopolitical system and global business.
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