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We help people and companies innovate and thrive in an age of digital distraction and information overload; because the way we connect matters.

At a time when our daily lives are saturated with emails, smartphones and instant communication, Digital Mindfulness is the key to protecting yourself from becoming digitally overwhelmed

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#74: Mindful Design with Irene Au

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In this episode, Irene Au speaks with the Digital Mindfulness podcast for this personal and value-packed episode. As an Operating Partner at Khosla Ventures, Irene is a User-centred designer who has built...
Focus & Distraction

10 Surprising Ways You Can Work with Focus & Avoid Distraction

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Think about a time at work you are most proud of. A difficult project successfully delivered, or a paper that received a good grade, or a difficult conversation that went...

#73: How Your Digital Personality Defines You Offline with Elias Aboujaoude

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Do our personalities follow us? Are we more like our social media selves in real life? Surely, who we are online stays online? In this episode, we discuss these fascinating topics...

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