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Design Sprints

Come to Digital Mindfulness and we’ll run a Design Sprint with you to help you solve your challenges around creating incredible time-well-spent digital experiences.

Workshops & Training

Creating amazing time-well-spent digital experiences requires new skills. Gain the practical skills for you or your team in our highly interactive workshops with our digital experts.


Used by people all over the world, online training with Digital Mindfulness covers all aspects of the time-well-spent digital landscape, with everything from small classes to comprehensive courses.

Time Well Spent Fundamentals

New to time-well-spent digitised experiences? Learn the fundamentals in this one-day course and delight your audience wherever they are.

Leadership & Strategy

Learn the skills that transform you from a time-well-spent professional into a leader

App Design for Time Well Spent

Learn how to create mobile apps designed for time-well-spent experiences

Lean Time-Well-Spent Workshop

Learn how to quickly and robustly design, and prototype a first-class time-well-spent experience

Interaction & Prototype Training

Learn how to create compelling time-well-spent prototypes, and improve on your designs.

User & Usability Research

Learn how to effectively conduct research and usability testing sessions to align your digital experiences with time-well-spent fundamentals

Data Security & GDPR

Learn with Digital Mindfulness to ensure that your digital experience complies with GDPR regulation and is secure.

Content Creation & Copywriting Fundamentals

Learn how to compelling time-well-spent digital content and how to develop a long-term strategy for meaningful digital engagement

Intelligence, Analytics & Optimisation

Learn how to optimise your digital experiences for meaningful experiences across multiple platforms. In this workshop, we’ll also examine the key metrics you need to measure to ensure a time-well-spent digital experience

Who Should Come To Our Workshops?


People with a personal and professional interest in creating time-well-spent experiences will benefit greatly from our collection of trainings and workshops


Our offerings are valuable for teams responsible for creating scalable digitised experiences


We work to integrate time-well-spent skills to transform the way organisations do digital