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In an age of increasing digital distractions and information overload, the ability to communicate, collaborate and create compelling products is essential to successful businesses. How do people create digital products that engage with people in an information-saturated age? How can teams collaborate and communicate more effectively in the face of information overload and constant notifications?

At Digital Mindfulness, we have developed a range of highly interactive and robust workshops to help you design better products and more effective teams. This gives managers, designers, marketers, engineers, and more the opportunity to develop new ways of thinking about improving the way we live and work in the face of digital distraction and ever-increasing information flows.

Who Should Attend Our Workshops?

Design Sprints

Our design sprints help designers, marketers and other digital professionals involved in product creation who want to design digital products that people want to use, and also respect their customers’ attention and wellbeing. These sprints are for teams who recognise that the next stage of digital innovation will come when digital products and services are aligned with the deepest human values and needs.

Team Communication & Collaboration Workshop

The Team Communication & Collaboration workshops are designed to help teams identify and overcome the obstacles to effective communication and collaboration in digitised workplaces. As information workers are increasingly overwhelmed by information, notifications, meetings, and other digital distractions, the ability to communicate and collaborate well within the workplace is paramount. Our workshops help teams to identify the barriers to effective communication and collaboration, and create actionable strategies to improve the way we collaborate and communicate in the digitised workplace

Customer Engagement Workshops

In an age where your customers are exposed to hundreds of thousands of messages and other digital signals every day, how can we ensure that our messages meaningfully connect with the right people in a way that align with human attention and values? Our Customer Engagement Workshops help teams meaningfully engage with the groups they exist to serve by innovating how we engage with people in this age of digital distraction and information overload.

Wellbeing & Digital Literacy

In this age of digital distraction, the ability to understand and manage the impact of digital environments on our personal and professional wellbeing is essential. Join us for our engaging and highly structured workshops that help you and your team to live a more intentional life with our digital devices.