Digital Mindfulness Retreat

Give your mind and body the break they reserve

The Digital Mindfulness Retreat creates a space that helps people develop the skills to live healthier, happier, and more productive lives with technology, and live better in digitised society, while also allowing people to unplug, de-stress and gain perspective in stunning surroundings. We use the principles and practices of mindfulness, psychology, human-computer interaction, neuroscience and wellness to develop resilience, emotional intelligence, optimal brain health, conscious communication, stress management and productivity in the digital age.

At our retreats, we view each moment as an opportunity to connect with each other more meaningfully, where we focus on enhancing our lives in this digitised world.

As part of the programme, you will learn:

  1. Habit forming
  2. Flow 
  3. Meditation, Yoga and Fitness
  4. Conscious communication
  5. Emotional Intelligence
  6. Mindfulness
  7. Human Computer Interaction

The main focus of the retreat is to heal ourselves whilst learning how to live in our digitised world. It is a practical and life-changing experience on the Art of Living in the Digitised World. Upon completion of the course, certification of completion will be awarded. The course will be delivered in English and is open to both beginners and advanced students.

People come on retreat with us, meet like minded people and blend the experience of a retreat with the core tenets of mindful technology use. People take from the course life-long life lessons into their everyday lives, connect with incredible people and transform their relationships with themselves and their digital devices.


Why Was This Retreat Created?

In an age when our lives are increasingly linked by digital devices and services, the capacity for inner clarity and wisdom to manage our digitised lives is critical. Our digitised workplaces and public spaces have an adverse effect on our health and capacity for creativity, innovation and compassion. The emotional, technical and functional skills we desperately need to live and work fruitfully with others in our digitised world are in short supply.

The Digital Mindfulness Retreat takes place over 7 days. It is a time to come together with other like-minded people, learn new skills, and have amazing conversations – a truly transformative experience.

Structure of the Retreat

The Digital Mindfulness Retreat offers you an incredible opportunity to learn how to live better in a hyper-connected world and new behaviours to decrease stress, improve your online and offline relationships and increase your wellbeing with the Digital Mindfulness team of coaches.

Two weeks before your journey to the Digital Mindfulness Retreat, you will join our team in an online community with access to digital and mindfulness experts in preparing to get the most out of the Mindful Leadership experience. In the pre-camp programme, you will begin to transition your digital habits and set yourself up for success.

At the Digital Mindfulness Retreat, you will experience a range of empowering ways to enhance your physical, emotional and digital wellbeing. You will eat a vegetarian, macrobiotic diet, while attending highly participatory workshops and seminars designed to educate, motivate and inspire you, while giving you the tools to improve your relationship to the digitised world away from the retreat. You will have access to the Digital Mindfulness team of expert and passionate coaches, hear guest speakers and connect with a wider community of like-minded and inspiring individuals from around the world.

The support continues after the retreat. You will continue to receive lifetime access to online resources, coaching and other expert instructors to help you transition back into the digitised world and maintain the healthy habits you will learn on retreat.

Provisional Timetable



Join the Digital Mindfulness community online

Meet the Digital Mindfulness team

Access our experts

Connect with other participants for community and support


Digital Mindfulness Retreat

Attend workshops and seminars covering a variety of topics including: habit building in the digital age, how to enhance your attention and focus, dealing with digital addiction and much more

Work directly with a Digital Mindfulness coach

Additional activities include beach and nature walks, meditation classes, yoga classes and Thai Yoga Massage classes



4 Weeks of additional support from the Digital Mindfulness team to answer your questions and help you successfully transition into a way of life that will help you maintain your wellbeing and achievements

Online group to continue sharing experiences and supporting others